First-Rate Hunting Equipment & Rifle Accessories

Gun - Rifle Accessories

Enhance your shooting  and hunting sucess with excellent rifle products from Sharp Shooter HQ in American Fork, Utah. Take your pick from our choice selection of shooting products, including:

• Rifle Rests
* Gun benches

• Gun Stock Holders

Become the best bow hunter with archery products from Sharp Shooter HQ. Made by using our innovative technology, our products will help you improve shooting accuracy, and hunting sucess.  Some of the archery supplies we offer are:

• Tornado Vanes * Fletched Arrows • Arrow Rests • Whammy Broadheads

Price List

Call us right away if you're looking for economical archery supplies. Please visit this page to see our price list

Gun Stock Holders

Keep your rifle in place using gun stock holders from our store. Choose from our wide variety of easy-to-use holders, including:

• Adjustable Front Yoke (Adjustable to Widest Stocks) - $22.95
• Flex Front Yoke (Flex to Wide Stocks) - $17.95
• Flex Rear Yoke (Secures Stock) - $17.95
• V-Front Yoke (Fits All Stocks) - $17.95
• Air Shock Butt Pad (Reduces Recoil) - $19.95
• Small V Yoke (Front or Rear) - $17.95


Rifle Rests

Check out our site on our latest innovative rifle rests. You can't go wrong by purchasing our benches because these are the most stable on the market. In fact, we have  marksman who shoot prairie dogs at 400 yards and 12-inch steel gongs at 1,000 yards, with the aid of our rests.  our shooting benches include:

• Tactical Magnum Rifle Rests
• Groundhog Rifle Rests
• Magnum Rifle Rests
• Sharpshooter Rifle Rest

• Tactical Quick Fire Shooting Bench                                             * Quick Fire Shooting Bench

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