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Increase your accuracy and sucess in target and hunting with products found only at Sharp Shooter HQ. We offer a wide range of archery equipment and rifle products.


Improve your precision shooting with our cutting-edge rifle rests and shooting benches. Visit our gallery page to see our complete collection of rifle and archery equipment. 

More Than 35 Years of Experience

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Who We Are

Sharp Shooter HQ is an established archery equipment and gun rest supplier based in American Fork, Utah. We have been manufacturing rifle rests, shooting benches, Arrow vanes, broadheads, and miscellaneous products since 1980.  Our dedicated staff takes pride in providing customer satisfaction, top-class hunting and shooting accessories, at reasonable prices. Our manufacturing plant is located in the USA.  Our shooting equipment can help you be sucessifult in your hunting, and precision shooting. 

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Contact us in American Fork, Utah, to purchase our top-quality shooting bench and archery equipment.